Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well, since the debut that left me less than enthusiastic, I kept tuning in to The Dresden Files to see if, maybe, just maybe, it got better, if somehow the lead got more magnetic, or if some chemistry erupted between him and the cop chick.

Er. No.

I'd usually make it to ten minutes, fifteen tops of story time before the remote control called my name.

My husband walks by last week, sees I've turned on to some episode of TDF, takes in my face, all bummed out with disappointment, and says, "Why do you keep hoping this show gets better? Just give it up."

I say, "But, but, hope's my word for the year."

Okay, so maybe The Dresden Files shouldn't be using up my 2007 hope energy, little enough energy that I have these days.

Come on. Is there anyone out there who also found the show a letdown but, for whatever reason, maybe that loyalty to SF, the genre, keeps checking in, five or ten minutes, hoping, hoping...?

(And if you love the show, can you give me a blow-by-blow why? I'm clueless. Well, other than the skull dude is Brit-cool and my anglophile core can't help but respond a bit.)

I bought STORM FRONT, the first book in the series, figuring there must be something fun there to inspire a series, something lost in the translation to television.

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Josh said...

Being a huge fan of Butcher's books, I'll admit that the series hasn't quite captured the "magic" so to say. I still find it enjoyable to watch, and am glad they finally aired Storm Front, which was meant to be the original pilot episode and much stronger than that kid and his ravens. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the book much more than the show. I've kept up with each one so far, and am eagerly awaiting White Knight, which comes out in April. Let me know what your reading take is, Mir.