Thursday, March 15, 2007

DKA Short Story Contest--a Reminder

Today is the 15th. As the eloquent Mr. Bertrand mentions, the "Daily Sacrament" contest's deadline, the ides of March. If you planned to enter, get to it.

And now that their deadline is passing you by, remember we have a contest over at DRAGONS, KNIGHTS, & ANGELS, whose deadline is April 10th. That means you have less than a month, 26 days to be precise, to get your speculative short story on "new life" or "secrets" written and electronically submitted.

See details of the hows and whens and whys at the the DKA website's contest announcement.

This is a fundraiser for our magazine of Christian science fiction and fantasy. Please come and support us.


Anonymous said...

I tried to register at the forum on Monday, which is a prequisite to submitting, and it said I would receive a confirmation email, but so far I haven't. I can neither login nor reregister with the same email address.


Mirtika said...

T, I passed on your comment to the managing editor, however, without your name and email, I don't know how they can track that down.

If you'd like to email me at Mirathon atsy AOL dotsy com, I can pass on your info.