Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Curse of Chalion: Superb

Miss me yesterday?

Well, between shopping for appliances, getting garden stuff, eating dinner out, and being immersed in Lois McMaster Bujold's THE CURSE OF CHALION until 4 in the morning, I just didn't have time to blog.

All I know is that I had that novel way, way too long on my TBR pile, and I should have read it much sooner. If you have it in your TBR pile: Get it now.

This may be my fave new fantasy. I'll see when I reread it in future (which I doubtless will). I fell just utterly under the spell of this world (a fantasy sort of Spain) and the main character (totally wonderful) and its comprehensive treatment of a created religion. The climactic scene actually had me feeling on the verge of ecstasy, I kid you not, it was that good.

I'll review it later: I got up, need to breakfast and take care of some stuff.

But go to my sidebar, scroll down to the amazon link for THE CURSE OF CHALION, and just buy it today. If you love novels with a historical feel, with intelligent treatment of matters of faith, with sympathetic and heroic protagonists, with a very compassionate view of flawed people in unbearable circumstances, and with gorgeously happy endings, this is one you won't want to miss.

I've already read the first couple pages of the next book in this fantasy world, the Hugo-winning PALADIN OF SOULS, and I'm delighted to see it will be the story of one of the damaged folks of book one. (Yes, I bought both novels together, cause I had faith McMaster Bujold would deliver, and yes, I have the third one, THE HALLOWED HUNT, too, on the pile, even though that one has not had the fine reviews on amazon that the first two did.)

What are you doing here? Go get CURSEd.

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