Friday, March 30, 2007

Count The Mir In As a New Jim Butcher Fan

As my blog readers know, I am not enthused about the Sci-Fi channel's THE DRESDEN FILES. The show puts me to sleep.

Josh Vogt insisted in comments the books are worth reading. I took his word and got a copy of STORM FRONT, the first novel in the series by Jim Butcher.

Josh was right. The novel is oodles of wizardy, urban fantasy fun. (And it reminds me of the novel I'm plotting even now, oddly enough. Maybe it's that urban fantasy vibe I so dig.)

Anyway, I just five minutes ago finished STORM FRONT (a quick and fast-paced read) and loved Harry, loved the pizza-loving fairies, loved the zippy pace, loved some of the angsty touches. Just had a whole lotta fun, fun, fun. Butcher knows how to paint Harry into a breathlessly dangerous corner, and he's a smart enough writer to know how to do the preceding set-ups so that there is always an out for Harry, though you might not expect the "how." It's all justified.

The proof I had a grand old time: I just ordered books 2 through 5. I would have ordered 6, but I like that promotion thing has where you buy 4 eligible paperbacks and get one free. So, I got the four, got one free, and with my gift certificate that arrived in the mail yesterday, I actually was owed a buck and change. So, this batch of fantasy cost me zip.

I like that a lot, too.

So, if I feel like it, I'll post a review in the coming days. But if I don't, take my word for it: If you like mystery-thrillers with lots of action and a dose of humor and a fast pace, and more than a dose of magic, start reading THE DRESDEN FILE novels. And forget about the crappy show. The book's Harry has it on. The show's Harry is a ho-hummer.

Oh, and if you buy the book(s), please use my portals below. I covet points.

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Josh said...

Woohoo. So glad you like 'em. Can I send you the Dresden fan club kit and the instructions on how you too can set up your very own city-wide fan club, complete with convention schedules?

No? Ah well, I had to try. Still watching the show myself for the fun of it, but they do take a back seat to the stories. I've yet to actually read any of Butcher's more epic fantasy books, but I hear they're pretty good as well. Waiting for April now, and the next in the series.