Thursday, March 01, 2007

Comprehensive Review by SF Signal of
The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction

I love it when a reviewer takes the time to say something about EVERY story in an anthology. John of SF Signal does a nifty job with The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction edited by George Mann. Makes me wanna buy it, if only to read those fully-starred stories among the sixteen original tales, as well as the one called "Personal Jesus" about the godPods.

Why another anthology?


Perhaps more important to regular short fiction readers is the publication of a promising new anthology that doesn't add to the already-crowded "Best of..." or themed anthology set, but instead offers a various sampling of what the science fiction genre can accomplish. There are indeed many "gems" here. Standout stories included "C-Rock City" by Jay Lake & Greg van Eekhout, "The Bowdler Strain" by James Lovegrove, "Last Contact" by Stephen Baxter and "Third Person" by Tony Ballantyne.

If you plan to get it, click to amazon through MY LINK, would you?

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