Saturday, March 17, 2007

Christianity and SF: Scott Roberts Muses

Scott Roberts, whose had stories in a WRITERS OF THE FUTURE anthology and in INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW, reflects on his book signing experiences:

The neat thing about the experience, or the thing I wound up taking away with me from almost every single event, was how…entitled complete strangers felt to give me future writing advice. Almost all of these comments were religious in nature; one well-meaning gentleman said, “Next time, you should write something about the Lord.”

It would be nice to report that I shrugged demurely and let the comment pass. I did not. “The Lord’s got a book already.”

What I’ve observed and experienced leads me to believe that there is a general mistrust of speculative fiction (that is, science fiction and fantasy) in the wider Christian community in the United States. I’m not talking about the nutsos who burn Harry Potter books; I’m talking about the soccer moms and dads who teach Sunday School, who study the Bible, who love God and their neighbor, and who are generally decent people.

I loved that comeback, because it feels very close to something that would rise to my lips in a similar circumstance, but I'd choke down and say something less snippy. (Most of the time, less snippy. Sometimes, quite, quite snippy or snarky.)

Those of us in the CSF communities I hang with well know the frustration of which Scott speaks. The very people who should most be into fictional tales of wonder and powers and cosmic forces are sort of hemming and hawing and casting suspicious glances.

:::pulls yet another hank of hair out:::

Why not drop by and give him your comments on why Christians give SF such a wide berth, and what we're trying to do to change that?


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