Saturday, February 24, 2007

Winners in the Gerke Giveaway

Apparently, it was a lucky night for those named John O!

First Prize: John O (who goes by "Otter")

Second Prize: Valerie C.

Third Prize: John Otte (of Least Read Blog)

(I'm still astounded at the similarities, John "Otter" and John Otte. Huh.)

Kindly email me, you three, at Mirathon atsy AOL dotsy com with your names in the email, please, and Gerke Giveaway in the subject header so I don't delete you as spam.

I will forward your names and email addies to Jeff G, and let him get your prizes to you. I'm just the middleMir. :::grin:::

My thanks to all who entered. Sorry you couldn't all get a crit from Jeff. I know that I would have loved to enter this giveaway myself, but, hey, no dice.

(Originally published Friday night, 2/23, but time stamp changed to bring it back to the fore on Saturday, since I haven't heard from the winners yet.)

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