Tuesday, February 06, 2007

When Brenda Coulter's Great-Great-Great Granpa Went A-Courting: Nifty Past Blast

Visit Brenda's blog for the terrific story of his courting. Here's an excerpt from his golden anniversay speech. The fellow had a sense of humor and some "voice", eh?

Before we got fairly settled in our new abode there came an imperative necessity for a few yards of calico and some other small fixings, and in due time a bouncing little girl made her appearances and took her place as natural as life at the head of our tribe, which has now grown to what we now see here today} four of the first generation and 19 of the second, all standing fair and square on their pins, physically and mentally allright, apparently and if they continue to grow up making good, industrious and useful members of society then the way we look upon it, the country will be slightly in our debt. But if any of them should be so unfortunate in their growing up as to become dudes or drones or shams, or idle drones, then we would have to acknowledge ourselves indebted to the State for their room. Be that as it may we know that we love you all and hope for the best.

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