Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Those Mental Energies are POTENT!

My first big laugh of the day--in a day when I expect to laugh a lot due to the silliness of St. Valentines Day cuddly-smoochiness--comes courtesy of the now strangely bloggy and Vistafied UK Steve.

Yes, it's been a while, but I'm in a bloggy mood today. Maybe someone missed me and started channelling their mental energies at me. Well, whatever, I'm back again now - some minor connection hitches with my shiny new Vista-powered lappie now fixed. (So far, incidentally, I have not gone 'Wow' a single time while using it.)

Oh, and in the process of shifting files onto said new laptop, I mislaid my favourites list, which included a bunch of really interesting stuff I had to blog about. No, really, it did!

So instead I shall mention the highly unlikely event that happened over the weekend: ITV1 showed something good. Obviously startled by the success of Doctor Who, ITV have brought us a new Saturday teatime sf series, Primeval, the basic premise of which is that there are anomalies in time/space through which people can travel, and in the first episode, dinosaurs can stroll into the Forest of Dean.

I'm not big on dinosaurian stuff, but when the UK has a new sci-fi show, I want to see it.

I mean, they gave us the new and improved Doctor Who--a show that rocks and David Tennant rocks harder!--and Life On Mars, which was just so dramatically intense and speculatively yummy that if you missed it, aw, tsk tsk on you. Plus, those are a couple of shows that continue to prove that there is some magical miasma blanketing the Brittainous Isles and mysteriously rides satellite signals across the Atlantic, attached to BBC programming, and makes its into the US, a miasma whose mojo makes skinny, pasty-faced, pointy-nosed British males strangely appealing to Yank gals. Hmm.

And what's the latest US original television offering of SF? The Dresden Ho-Hum Files.

We should apologize.

Well, at least we still have HEROES and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, despite the fact I've missed the last 5 episodes of the former and every single episode of the latter, and I'm not exactly sure why.

Must be that magical miasma's secondary effects keeping me from watching homegrown stuff in favor of stuff with accents.

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