Saturday, February 10, 2007

Terrific Comment on Hot Topic

Over at Novel Journey, J Mark Bertrand has posted a superb comment on the subject of many discussions of late in literary Christian blogdom: Christian fiction vs. Christian worldview fiction.

Here it is, not in its entirety:

To my mind, though, the real difference is that "writing from a Christian worldview" suggests a book engaged with Christian ideas on the philosophical level, whereas the norm tends to be engaging with Christian things on the narrative level. Writing from a Christian worldview, then, involves writing not less overtly, but more profoundly about the theological/philosophical concerns of the faith. For example, a writer taking seriously the idea of working from a Christian worldview might construct a story to explore, say, "incarnation," or to capture some kind of Trinitarian insight -- in effect, to make the abstract concrete through story. A CBA author taking the more traditional approach would do this sort of thing narratively -- say, by having a couple of characters talk about the incarnation -- while the author working with worldview awareness might attempt to do it in the structure of the story, to embody it.

All this to say that, to me, the distinction isn't one of content but of approach. But the term is wonderfully elastic and can be used in such a variety of ways.

JM has also been blogging about it himself HERE.
As usual, he's very much worth checking out.

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