Sunday, February 11, 2007

T. Nelson and RealBuzz: Christian Manga

Okay, I haven't read this and don't plan to read this (prolly), but if you've got a teen "gurl" about who might enjoy it, check out the Manga Blog article on a Christian manga series coming out later this year:

Goofyfoot Gurl, praised as “insanely unique” by Manga Punk, a secular review site for graphic novels, will make its debut splash in September 2007 with the simultaneous publication of the first four volumes.

Manga, a form of graphic novels imported from Japan, is one of the fastest growing fiction categories among tween and teen girl readers in North America. Manga enjoyed over $300 million in sales in 2005 and has seen steady double digit growth for the last five years.

“Teen girls are notoriously underserved by the American comic book and graphic novel industry,” explains Allen Arnold, Publisher for WestBow Press, “Realbuzz Studios is on the cutting edge of changing that trend with their award-winning, original English language manga with content that is real, relevant, and from a Christian worldview.”

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Bonnie Calhoun said...

Well thank you for explaining what manga is...I was totally befuddled!