Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Sword Review Issue #23 On Sale

I mention this hard-copy issue cause, well, it's got my contest-winning short story in it--"Waiting for Appa"--along with the other stories that ranked in the TSR second annual contest.

The particulars:

February 2007, Issue 23—In this issue: "Superlight, Part Four" by Steve ; "The Launch of Red Spot, Jr." by Deborah P Kolodji; "Ruins" by John Kuhn; "City of Imaginary Friends" by Karen A. Romanko; "Waiting for Appa" by Mirta Ana Schultz; "Winter Branches" by Jane Lebak; "The Blue Flower" by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt; "Natural Selection" by Mike Simon. Cover: "Black Pegasus" by Michelle J.A. McIntyre. ISSN: 1556-5416

Product Details:
Printed: 90 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, black and white interior ink

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Eve Nielsen said...

Congrats! Do you get a percentage for every issue sold? That would be sweet.