Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Sword Review Contest Winning Stories: First Up, "Natural Selection"

This month, The Sword Review begins publishing the four stories that ranked in their second annual fiction contest.

First up is a story awarded honorable mention written by mike simon: "Natural Selection"

Here's a tease:

Mars exploded at exactly 11:16 AM, Eastern Standard Time.

In Houston it was hot and humid, but that was nothing compared to the steamy conditions in Mission Control when the initial readings were confirmed. Within hours, headlines heralding the approach of the Apocalypse raced around the globe, inciting hysteria and mass panic.

From our position onboard Freedom, we had a fantastic view of the entire process… all five-point-four seconds of it. In that moment of time, a miniature version of the sun abruptly appeared in the vacuum of deep space. Of course no sound was recorded but the video was enough to shock our entire world.

That was over four years ago.

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