Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Speaking of Crits....

If you've been slaving away on your magnum CSF opus or your magnum suspense opus or, I suppose, any kind of fictional opus, you'll want to be here next week. Yes, you will. Cause we have a prize giveaway here at Mirathon for those of you who are the writing kind.

Three prizes, to be exact, all to be donated by Mr. Jeff Gerke, former Multnomah and Strang/Realms and NavPress editor, and current Overlord of WhereTheMapEnds.com and of his own professional editorial service.

First prize will be worth approximately $40.00.

What is it?

Your first five pages critiqued by Jeff.

I think that merits a woohoo!

Ever wanted a bona fide editor to look at your stuff and tell you if it's working or not working and why? Well, here's your chance. Five page critique to ONE winner. Second and third places in the drawing each get writing software prizes from Jeff worth $28.00 and $12.00, respectively. (Only to Windows users, sorry.)

Stay tuned for how to win during this month's Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour, coming to this spot and various others across the web on the 19th, 20th, and 21st.

And since the 20th is my birthday, I might have something else up my sleeve for that day. I ain't telling.


Josh said...

*perches on top of the blog and refuses to move until the contest is posted*

Eve Nielsen said...

I'm pumped! By the way, Happy Birthday on Tuesday-my b-day is Monday, 19th.