Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rhysling Nominees for Your Enjoyment

I'm not the only Rhysling nominee from The Sword Review.

Go read the very talented Marsheila Rockwell's "Pilates Wife." Marsheila and I also share the honor of having short stories in the upcoming DISTANT PASSAGES 2, a compilation of editorial picks for best of 2006 at TSR and DKA. Her first novel publishes this year from Wizards of the Coast.

A while back, I recommended a particularly captivating (pun intended) Samantha Henderson poem. I'm happy to say it is a nominee, along with three other of her poems, including "First Festival," which I thought was fabulous as well.

If you didn't read "Triptych" when I linked you up to it, read it now:

Triptych: Three Views of the Capture of the City of Bisanthe

While you're at Lone Star Stories, check out these other two nominees:

~ Bruce Boston has won more Rhyslings Awards than anyone else. I am the happy possessor of several of his chapbooks, and one of the happiest days I've had at DKA was the one where a Bruce Boston poem appeared in our ezine.

Read "I Build Engines."

~ Jo Walton, World Fantasy Award winner for her novel TOOTH AND CLAW, is a nominee for "A Candlemass Poem"

Those are all the ones I could find online for you to read, so far. If you are nominated and have a poem online, please comment and give the url, so I and others can read your verse. Really. That would be cool.

My congratulations to the above, and to Mikal Trimm, Deborah Kolodji, Jamie Lee Moyer, and all the other nominees!

Poetry is NOT dead!

(And especially not speculative poetry populated by, you know, zombies and vampires and angels and other things that death just can't seem to lock onto. Heh.)


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