Friday, February 16, 2007

Read a Free Story Online:
"Sarah, Who Speaks to the Lord"

I bought a collection of stories by Rebecca Maines back in the first week of 2007: EX CATHEDRA.

I haven't read most of it yet. Just a couple of stories. One of the ones I read is online and you can read charge!

"Sarah, Who Speaks to the Lord"

Due to health issues, I don't retain well. I have to review stuff as soon as I read it, or it fades. So, what I read a month and more ago. Bye-bye. The only way I know when I got this is that Amazon tells me when I ordered it. So, I can guess when I got it and when I sat down to browse. What I do recall: I remember almost disengaging from the story in the early part, but that I was glad I stayed with it, because I very much like how she carried it from climax through resolution.

I may go back sometime soon to sample other stories in the collection, but I can't remember it as having been impossible to put down. I might simply had been in the wrong mood for the stories. The collection surely deserves another shot at catching my imagination.

hat tip to Elliot for the link to the online story

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