Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ray Bradbury: "Do What You Love"

The lifestyle section of the DAILY TROJAN carried an article recently on the great speculative writer. The two page online version is up with the title BRADBURY 451.

Here's an excerpt from page two:

Bradbury said that Universal Studios has recently approached him about doing a new cinematic version of "The Martian Chronicles," which was previously made into a television miniseries in 1980.

"I did five scripts for them, but they didn't want to do them," Bradbury said. "They don't think I know how to write screenplays. And they've done 16 scripts, and I said to them, 'For God's sake, we'll colonize Mars before the goddamn movie gets made!' So sometime in the next year, I hope. I'm getting old here."

Bradbury published his first collection of short stories, "Dark Carnival," in 1947. But he is still writing and working on a new book of short stories.

"I'm a lover," he said. "Everything I have done has been done out of love. Forget about money - do what you love."

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Anonymous said...

Right on!

Ray has his priorities straight.