Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Prime that Keyboard: DKA Contest Opens Soon

DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS will open their second annual short fiction contest on February 20th. I hope we get an even better turnout than last year's contest, with even finer fiction to offer our readers from the bounty of entries.

While I cannot announce the theme yet, I can give a heads up to my bloggy readers, so you can start thinking of delicious possibilities for short stories of the Christian SF variety. And if you need to brush up on comma usage or need to read about trouble-spot tip offs, this is a good time. And familiarizing yourself with the DKA VISION is recommended.

This year, the prize monies more than double. Instead of $25 as first prize, and $15 and $5, the scale will be thusly:

$60.00 = first prize
$30.00 = second place
$20.00 = two honorable mentions

And that's just the cash component. All ranking stories will be published in DKA, and, very likely--we're still working it out--there will be an additional non-cash (but still desirable) prize for the winners.

Some of the contest elements will be different from last year, so make sure to drop by DKA on February 20th to read the official contest announcement.

Warm up those creative cells!

Mark your calendars!

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