Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Okay, Catching Up! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Got my crit to Tina today--and thanks for being patient, Tina, with me.

Got another crit out right now.

Got one other due this week.

Ah, light at the end of the crit tunnel.

I think once my temporary crit group is done (we're a temp group, just oriented for GENESIS, and I don't even have anything to sub, so I'm sorta just the organizer and crit gal), I will not join another for a spell. I'm critted out.


Josh said...

Is there someplace particular you go to form these groups, or is it just a loose compilation of interested parties who happened to converge on the same spot?

Mirtika said...

No, this group was one I started and moderate. It's intentional. It's purpose (as I announced back in December) was to get folks who plan to enter the SF/F section of the ACFW Genesis contest to do mutual crit and support. I thought as the winner last year and a kick-butt sharp editor (if I say so myself, and as my creative writing professor in college decreed) that I could be of help to this year's contestants in getting their pages in shape.

So, we use the score sheet from the contest and judge from there. We use Word Tracker to do comments on the actual manuscript.

Once the entries are in to GENESIS, this group will be defunct.

I'm looking more to find a much smaller critique group (say 3 folks, 4 tops) for ongoing support, brainstorming help, crit feedback, with a looser structure than X pages every week. This structure seems to have helped a lot of folks I know. The trick is to find folks who are at your level and better, who can give keen mentoring and HONEST mentoring. Iron sharpens iron.


Mirtika said...

Oh, silly me. I created the group over at yahoogroups. It's free.

I first opened it at Google Groups, but I find Yahoo easier to maneuver, so I switched.