Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mystery Fantasy Art Piece:
Can You Gimme Title and Artist?

I was browsing the BabelCon site and saw this:

It looks familiar. Can't place it. Didn't see an attribution at the site.

I think it's pretty darn cool.

Anyone know who painted it and what it's titled or what book cover (RPG game card, magazine, etc) it might be on?

Update on 6/13/07: An anonymous poster informed in a comment posted to this blog entry that the painting is used on the back of DREADMIRE. Here's the image of the back cover at

Once I had that, I just googled until I found the artist: Janet J. E. Chui

Wow, that's some gorgeous bit of dragon art.

So, thanks, Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

The art piece belongs to Spellbinder Games. Its on the back cover of their book, "Dreadmire". You can contact them at or

Mirtika said...

Hey, ANONYMOUS, thank you so much.