Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Short Story is Up at Sword Review


Hey, you may now read my contest-winning story on the subject of hope: "Waiting for Appa."

Here's the opening:

"He has promised to return, and he is not a man to let his family down," Adda told us, my little brother and me, in answer to Malhyn's question.

Appa will come back to us, won't he, Adda?

It had become a ritual for the three of us—the question posed, the answer given—as comforting as the sight of her nails raking one of our last remaining popla stalks, freeing the hard grains, those brown teardrops that were now our only remaining source of nourishment after three years without crops.

Our storehouse, once full of stalks and their earthy scent, was now empty.

The night before we had feasted on the last of our offworld supplies, those tins of food left from the great exodus, processed food we only ate out of necessity: five forkfuls each of fermented vegetables and three spoonfuls of sweet fruit from a can. A final treat. We spoke Appa's name together while the honeyed juices still coated our tongues.

He had been gone so long. And he had left us behind to be pronounced outcasts.

His sin, our punishment.

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