Friday, February 09, 2007

My Latest Spec Faith Post is Now Up:
Wrapping Up Voice & Style Meanderings

Here's an excerpt of today's Speculative Faith Mir-post:

Why try to grasp these concepts at all?

Well, I want to see writers focus on this within the CSF community. Look, I critique and edit and contest judge quite a bit, and I continue to see a huge, huge problem with flat, personality-void writing. And I've even witnessed this lack in some published CSF works I've sampled (and not finished), novels where I kept hoping that the next page would grip me with a genuine and consistent voice or a dinstinctive and fresh style, something to nab me , something with a clean and clear flavor, but I remained disappointed. Books like those lose me, books where the voice has gone fishing or joined the Foreign Legion and never came back, cause it was not THERE, on the page, where it needed to be.

When you write that story or novel that I may plunk my coins down for, think in terms of what you should sound and look like in black and white in order to be YOU more fully and endearingly or dazzlingly or slyly or humorously or melancholically or whatever. Keep those dashes and parenthesis and ellipses and generous commas if that is YOU. Use monosyllabic terseness, if it's YOU. Go superpolysyllabic and pedantic, if that's you. Go slangy and sassy, if that's you. Write yard-long sentences (clearly, beautifully, intensely), if that's YOU. Write one-sentence paragraphs, if that's YOU. Drench the sound in your ethnicity, if it feels right and feels like the real YOU. Be different by being YOU.

Read it all and the several nifty quotes that follow.


SolShine7 said...

The series was a gem! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Mir, would you mind shooting me an email at samantha DOT henderson AT gmail DOT com? I wanted to ask you something and I can't find your e-mail, you clever thing. : )