Tuesday, February 20, 2007

MY BIRTHDAY: Turn back the clock!!!!!!

Birthdays are a little depressing after, oh, 40. Gray hairs. Creases. Bleh.

47. Not my fave number.

Eh. I gotta remember I'll live forever, and then it doesn't seem so old, huh?

Even if I am officially a hag or crone or whatever they throw at women past a certain bloom, I'm gonna have fun. Hubby took the day off. Middle Sis is coming with us to lunch and the museum for CRADLE OF CHRISTIANITY, and maybe I'll have enough energy to do something else. Maybe we'll just come home and nap. Heh.

I'm gonna go sleep. We old biddies need rest. :::creak, yawn, creak:::


Selena said...

Happy Birthday!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday to you Mir! Enjoy your day.

pixydust said...

Mir ROCKS! Happy birthday, chicky!

Mirtika said...

thanks, oodles, Selena, Tina and Pixy. I had a wonderful birthday. Best in years. The weather was gorgeous, the museum much fun (got to see a temple stone that Jesus HAD to walk past, and I got so excited. And the ossuary of Caiphas. And the only inscription found with Pontius Pilate's name. So cool.)

We went to Mardi Gras on the beach, walked and walked, danced to Zydeco, bought some jewelry, ate yummy food, and I started to poop out. :)