Monday, February 19, 2007

Mir's Business Cards Preview

I love my original, commissioned bit of fantasy art by Sara Butcher so so so much that I asked Sara to make me some business cards with a detail from the painting. You can see a tiny image and text that will be imprinted on golden card stock, just to get an idea of the lay-out and see that the biggest text part is "Mirtika" in a cool and girly font.

(Too bad I don't have an image of the final product. It's really interesting on the buff cards, which gives the painting a whole different aspect, more goldeny, softer than on stark white. Whereas the white makes it more luminous and pure, the buff has an seasoned look. Love them both. It's interesting to see the differing effects that a change in background color gives.)

It makes me so giddy with delight just looking at it, I can only aver that the small batch of cards are worth every cent. Now, all I need is to get healthy enough to go to a conference, where I can have a chance to hand out some of my gorgeious biz cards. Speculative and Christian--just like me.

Sara Butcher rocks my visual world!

Now, tell me how beeeeeeeeeeeeyoooootiful my card is.


SolShine7 said...

Mir, it's looks nice. I'm not much of a fairy type person but I do like the color scheme. Plus, they'll be really memorable for people so that's cool.

I got my business cards from, 500 for $4.95 (S&H). It was a pre-made template and I was pretty stoked when I got them, so I hope you'll be walking on sunshine when you finally get yours in the mail.

Tanya said...

Wow! They look FANTASTIC!!! How exciting. :) I jogged over here from CW to check out your new business cards. I'm in the process of designing some for myself; hoping to pass them out to everyone at a conference this summer. I would be just too thrilled if mine turn out half as nice as yours!

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