Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lost Genre Guild Member Andrea Graham's "Roots in Frozen Generation"

I found Andrea Graham's latest post over at The Lost Genre Guild quite timely and powerful. It's called "Roots in a Frozen Generation."

She begins by speaking of her "Biblical speculative fiction" story found in the upcoming anthology LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF DARKNESS, a collaborative effort from The Lost Genre Guild. Her story is called "Frozen Generation."

She speaks about the social currents that inspired the work of short fiction. In doing so, she addresses, from a Christian perspective, from a compassionate perspective, from a historical perspective, the consequences of Margaret Sanger's work, which is still wreaking destruction in our society. Notably, Andrea shows, in the African American community in our nation. It's a chain of events that has resulted in a self-inflicted sort of black genocide.

I'll quote the grim stats, as she did:

Minority women constitute only about 13% of the female population (age 15-44) in the United States, but they underwent approximately 36% of the abortions.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, black women are more than 3 times as likely as white women to have an abortion

On average, 1,452 black babies are aborted every day in the United States.

This incidence of abortion has resulted in a tremendous loss of life. It has been estimated that since 1973 Black women have had about 10 million abortions. Michael Novak had calculated "Since the number of current living Blacks (in the U.S.) is 31 million, the missing 10 million represents an enormous loss, for without abortion, America's Black community would now number 41 million persons. It would be 35 percent larger than it is. Abortion has swept through the Black community like a scythe, cutting down every fourth member."

From slavery to Planned Parenthood to using embryos today for our own convenience, she traces the dark and terrible path that led her to extrapolate further in her own piece of SF fiction.

I want very much to read Andrea's story, because I'm curious about how she handles this very difficult subject.

I hope you drop by and read "Roots in a Frozen Generation."


Andrea Graham said...

Thanks so much for the link/support. I appreciate how you handled this in your piece. Great work :)

BTW, there's an extra article in the final sentence.

cyn said...

FYI: You can now read a preview of Frozen Generation at