Thursday, February 01, 2007

Locus' 2006 Recommended Reading List

Recommended Reading: 2006

I certainly will never, ever, ever catch up. Not even if I had that special locket of Hermione's and could turn time back.

I do want to spend some time browsing the anthology category. I loves me anthologies. All that variety between one set of covers. Yum. I've got about a half-dozen of the ones listed, and three more shopping carted at's "saved books" section.

The non-fiction section is also calling to me. I hadn't heard of ABOUT WRITING by Samuel "Chip" Delany. In fact, if you have someone in grade 5 or higher who is into SF or scribbles some SF in their youthful free time, you might want to get this this: THE WAND IN THE WORD: Conversations with Writers of Fantasy. And the cover is sensational. It might inspire a young folks today to be our SF writers tomorrow. I like that. Finally, I was disappointed that THE DARKENING GARDEN by John Clute wasn't even listed over at Bummer.

In the Art section, I'm debating whether to splurge on ORIGIN, the book on John Jude Palencar's art (which the Mir really likes mucho).

The collections section stopped me at SAFFRON AND BRIMSTONE: STORIES by Elizabeth Hand. Another to debate over.

Well, it is my birthday month.

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