Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Help Katie Buy a Puter and Car: Buy Books!

Katie thinks she has too many books.

Clearly, she has not stepped foot into the bibliochaos that is my dwelling place. I have one entire apartment (separate from where we live) full of books. I have the six-room space of my residence so full of books, that one cannot possibly be hospitable. On the tables, stuffed underneath anything with an underneath, in dozens of bookcases, on shelves, piled in stacks, packed in plastic tubs.

My name is Mir and I'm a biblioholic. I even have Amazon Prime membership in order to get my fix that much sooner.

I really need divine interventin to overcome this cluttery addiction. Or one of those HGTV teams to get me sorted out. (My husband is a collector and pack-ratty sort, too, so add his stuff to mine and you can see we cuddle as much as we do cause space is at a premium. Heh.)

Pray for me.

However, if YOU do not have a problem with books and space, and you want to acquire Christian fiction titles, Katie Hart has an offer for you.

Good for her. She's getting a handle on her book monster young in life, which means she will actually be able to move around her rooms without stubbing her toe on a dictionary or a Crichton hardcover.

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Katie Hart said...

Wow - thanks for mentioning this, Mir! And it's not easy, selling some of my old friends. But I figured, why let them sit in cardboard boxes in a cold basement when there are loving families eager to bring them into their homes? With most I'm prying the books reluctantly from my clutches, telling myself, if you know you're not going to reread it in five years, it has to go.