Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gerke Giveaway: The Names Entered

If by some brain blip I left you off (even though your comment is actually THERE), post here and I'll check again.

Otherwise, this is it. I'll print out the names in a nice juicy font, cut them up in equal sized strips, drop them in a sack, and have hubby blind pick three. (Or four, given Becky's waiver):

Chris D
Kari C
Rachel M
John O
Daniel W
James D
Sherie H
Cheryl R.
Michelle P.
Nate K.
John O
Mark G
Shannon McN
Jackie C
Eve N
Dan E

Josh V (two entries)
Jason J (two entries)
Valerie C (two entries)

John O of Least Read Blog (three entries)
Rebecca M. (three entries) (waives 2 & 3 prizes)
Alice L (three entries)
Katie H. (three entries)

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