Thursday, February 01, 2007


Well, it's the first of the month. You know what that means, don't you? That's right: FIRST BLOG TOUR TIME!

This month we focus on ABIDING DARKNESS by John Aubrey Anderson.

A brief novel description:

There was turmoil in Mississippi in 1945. Race relations were tense, money segregated, and good versus evil went to war at Cat Lake. Missy Parker, a wealthy young white girl of just seven, is the target of a horrific attack. After her best friend, the son of a black sharecropper, saves her by giving his own life, she takes on a life mission she wont truly comprehend for years to come. As the families of these two children realize the truth of what happened that day at Cat Lake, their lives are forever connected. Torn between a life simple and ignorant, or one complicated by Truth, Missy Parker must come to terms with the battle shes been thrown into....and either win it, or watch her loved ones die trying.

Kevin Lucia's review at says this:
The story follows the life of Missy Parker, a white girl who's been deemed "special" by dark and holy powers alike. Through her young life and through adulthood, Missy is unwittingly the center of a demonic and holy tug of war, as unseen, dark forces wage war against her; first in an effort to sway her soul, and forever after in an effort to hurt her and the ones she loves. Twice these forces claim the lives of those close to her, as two people she cares for sacrifice themselves for her.

...Abiding Darkness is a promising, solid first entry into Anderson's trilogy, The Black & White Chronicles, and readers will eagerly welcome the second novel in the series, Wedgewood Grey, as a continuation of this rich tapestry of the Southern literary tradition. With this novel, Anderson has proven himself adept at setting the mood, establishing a convincing milieu, and creating a story that resonates with depth and meaning.

And now, an excerpt--a short take, if you will--of ABIDING DARKNESS:

Chapter One

Summers were mostly reliable.

The always followed spring. They always got hot. And they always promised twelve weeks of pleasure to the three children at Cat Lake.

The summer of ’45 lied.

^ ^ ^

The whole thing started right there by the Cat Lake bridge.

They were playing their own version of three-man baseball when Bobby knocked the ball onto the road near the end of the bridge. Junior was taller and faster, but Missy was ahead in the race to get it. Bobby and Junior were older, but Missy was tough enough to almost keep up, and the boys usually held back some so they didn’t outdo her too much.

Missy was still a few yards from the ball when it rolled to a stop near the only car in sight. A boy taller than Junior stepped from behind the far end of the car and picked up the ball; he was followed by two more boys—one younger than Missy and another almost as tall as a man.

Missy slid to a stop in the gravel and yelled, “Hurry! Throw it!” Junior jogged up behind the girl and waited.

A heavyset man in a rumpled suit was standing in the road by the driver’s door; he allowed himself a long look at the girl and whispered something to the boy with the ball.

The boy nodded at what the man said and backed toward the car. The tallest boy moved up to stand by the man.

The fat man eyed Junior, then looked up and down the deserted road before beckoning to Missy. “Why don’t you come closer, and he’ll let you have it?”

Missy ignored the man and advanced on the boy with the ball. “Give it.”

When she walked past the taller boy, he fell to his hands and knees behind her and the one with the ball shoved her over his back. When Missy hit the ground, all three boys laughed. The man grinned.

In the near distance, a foursome of well-armed witnesses—tall, bright, and invisible—stood at a portal between time and eternity and watched Bobby Parker leave home plate and sprint for the bridge.

One of the group said, It begins.

~~Read the rest of the FIRST chapter right HERE.



Anonymous said...

"The always followed spring."

Dangling reference to "the fat man"... But interesting. Coming of age thing?

chrisd said...

Sounds sorta X-File-ish.

I like it! Never heard of this. Hmmm.

And how's your WIP coming along?

BTW, think you could send me a picture of your picture?


Mirtika said...

A picture of my picture? I'm so confused. Can you elaborate? :D