Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Faboo Birthday for The Mir--WOOHOO!

God sent me glorious birthday weather. Few clouds. Blue, blue sky. Breezy. Cool for Miami (ie, low seventies).

The CRADLE OF CHRISTIANITY exhibit was a lot of fun. I got so excited seeing the ossuary of Caiphas, the only inscription found with Pontius Pilates' name, and the temple boundary balustrade that Jesus HAD TO WALK PAST to enter the temple court. (I almost plotzed!)

Very cool reconstruction of a Byzantine apse, complete with baptism font, table, altar, assorted capitals and chancel screens, etc.

Got to see an actual part of a Dead Sea Scroll, and some mosaics from the Byzantine era. I especially liked the small flasks that pilgrims filled with church oil. One had the annunciation carved on it (Gabriel, Mary) and another very small one was a sort of charcoal color with lighter markings and a nice cross design. I'd wear that one as jewelry, a pendant on a black velvet cord.

Quite enjoyable.

We then lunched at an outdoor restaurant by the riverfront in Ft. Lauderdale, and the food was superb. We pigged out.

Then, on our way home, via the scenic route (as per my request), my sister says to us that she used to love to go to the Hollywood boardwalk. So, I said, "Yeah, let's go."

We turned into one street where public parking was, and it was JAMMED. Parking was up to 10 bucks. MARDI GRAS!

We found metered parking about 15 blocks away, but it was right at the beachfront, and we just walked on the boardwalk, enjoying the ocean air, the breeze, the sights, and browsing the jewelry stalls and food vendors and wares.

We got to enjoy some Zydeco music (the Mir danced all the way through!) and then we left about 7pm (the long walk back to the car in the lovely night, with Sirius and Canopus bright in the sky). Charles had to do something at work before midnight, so he dropped me home and took sis on his way to the office. (He said it wouldn't take more than maybe an hour.)

I'd like to plug the Brooks athletic shoes. I wouldn't have ventured on such a long walk without them. I'm a serious overpronator with plantar fasciitis that flares up if I'm on my feet too long. But I'd heard these recommended by physical therapists. I got a pair two weeks ago. Amazing. My feet feel fine after a whole day just about standing and walking. My bad knee feels fine, too. The Brooks Addiction walking shoe may not be the prettiest on the block, but man, they put my feet in the right position, so my knee isn't taking the hits it normally would. Amazing shoes. Highly recommended.

I also bought the Brooks Ariel (blue and white, instead of my black walking shoes), and I need to road test those babies, too.

So, I'm home, with Turkish food take-out for supper (red lentil soup, Turkish salad, cucumber-yogurt salad), and I'm a happy Mir. Had a grand, grand day full of antiquities and music and great food and love. I felt 27, instead of 47. That's a good thing.

Now, all I need is my hunkosnookies to come home and it will be a perfect day's ending.

Hope y'all had a lovely Mardi Gras...


Carmen Andres said...

happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to Mir!
happy birthday to you!


Shannon said...

Happy birthday, dear Mirta Ana! <3 <3 <3

Matt Mikalatos said...

Happy birthday!

We are all glad that you were born.

Mirtika said...

Oh, what lovely felicitations. Thank you for making my BD that much more special. Muah, Muah, Muah.