Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An Editorial-Authorial Partnership That Meshed

I am disgustingly pleased with myself at the moment. You'll allow this, surely, as it is, ahem, still my birthday.

A story came into DKA some weeks ago. We liked parts of it, but it had weaknesses. We asked for revision. The revision--I liked even less, and all but one of the editors liked it less.

I said that I believed in the story enough to really do an in-depth scene by scene crit of what worked and what didn't. But I'd only do it if the author was amenable to go through and revise. Author was. I took a couple of hours and commented on every paragraph, discussed structure, etc.

We got the revision. It's a WOW.

There is something about an author who is willing to cut here and here and here, and change here and here, and add there and there, and then RUN with it, inspired to do even more. It awes me, because I know, as a writer myself, how very personal our creative work is. How attached to it we become.

When an author has THIS sort of humility and can stand back and say, "You know, they're right. If I make these changes, my story will be better. Still mine, but better."

I am delighted with this new revision. I've already voted to publish it. Every hour spent on it was worth it. This author has moved me. I read it and felt power. I am eager to see what this person comes up with next.

My wee editorial heart is made glad.

And DKA will acquire a very cool story.


Eve Nielsen said...

That is inspiring! Thanks for taking time to help that writer-the rest of us feel like there's hope:)
Please include me in your draw (Eve Nielsen).
Also, happy birthday! Mine went well(19th) until I came down with the flu. On the mend now:)

Mirtika said...

Eve, your name has been posted as an entry on Wednesday for the Gerke Giveaway. :)

and thank you for the birthday wishes. Best time I've had on a birthday in years. God is good. And I wish you a happy birthday. We February people are very, very special. If not modest. Ahem. :D

The flu is very, very evil for messing with a gal's birthday. Glad you're mending.