Thursday, February 22, 2007

DKA Annual Fiction Contest IS OPEN!

Visit Dragons, Knights & Angels and check out the contest announcement, which has all the details.

I'll excerpt a big chunk, but go read all the particulars in the announcement, please:

ENTRY FEE: $5.00

(This is a fund-raiser! Your entry fee will help support DKA!)


First Prize: $60.00 and publication in DKA
Bonus Software prize: "Character Creation for the Plot-First Novelist" complete bundle (includes system and CharPick, Windows only), writing resources created by former NavPress and Realms editor Jeff Gerke of WhereTheMapEnds.Com

Second Prize: $30.00 and publication in DKA
Bonus software prize: "Character Creation for the Plot-First Novelist" (system only)

Two Honorable Mentions: $20.00 each and publication in DKA
Bonus Software Prize: CharPick

The prize monies constitute the full and complete cash payout for the contest and subsequent publication in the ezine.


We have a double theme this year. Choose whichever of these themes inspires you to write innovatively in synch with our magazine's vision statement:

1. Secrets
2. New Life

Or choose both themes and enter twice.

Don't give us predictable or stale applications of these themes. We want fresh. We want surprising. We want deep. We want moving. We want eye-opening.

You can be funny or intensely sober or even somewhat dark, though never lacking in hope. You can do space opera or psychological science fiction or urban fantasy or steampunk or anything that is legitimately SF. There must, must, must be a genuinely speculative element.

Make your prose strong and beautiful and clear, whether it's sparse and transparent or rich and bountiful or ethereal and lyrical or formal and high fantasy or slang and cyberpunky.

Think about style; make it yours. Think about structure; make it balanced. Revise ruthlessly to eliminate filler and add sparkle.

Give us your best. Make us sigh.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, April 10th, midnight EST.

Entries must be received between February 20th and April 10th (inclusive).

We suggest you enter at least a few days prior to the deadline, in case issues come up with the electronic submission from your end or ours. Tech problems will not be an out. So, please give yourself time.

No exceptions to the deadline.


1. All entries must fit the DKA Magazine vision and guidelines.
2. All entries must be speculative fiction.
3. All entries must be no fewer than 1,500 words and no more than 4,000 words.
4. Each entry must be an original work(s) by the submitting author and must not be a reprint(s) (ie. cannot have been published elsewhere). The entries must not be currently posted on any website.
5. All entries must be submitted electronically via the special contest submission process set up to allow for blind judging. The cover letter must indicate that the story is for the contest. Do not add your name anywhere on the cover letter or body of the story.
6. Because we have two themes this year, we will accept a maximum of two entries per person. If you choose to submit two stories, one must be on the theme of "secrets" and the other on that of "new life." We will not accept two stories on the same theme from the same writer.
7. Each entry must be submitted on its own, and each must be accompanied by its own entry fee. Two stories = $10.00 total entry fee.

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