Saturday, February 17, 2007

Distant Passages 2: Mir's Happy
And An Unabashed Call for Support

I was proofing "Voices from the Void" for DISTANT PASSAGES II, and I also looked at some of the other stuff in there--stories and poems.

I was very pleased. Some of my fave poems of 2006 from DKA and TSR were included, and a couple of my fave stories. Yeah, sure, I had a hand in nominating/voting for the inclusions, but still, when you see that we're able to offer good stuff, it cheers the heart.

We really do work hard over at DEP publications, and none harder than our fearless leader, Bill Snodrass. It's all pro-bono folks. It's actually beyond pro bono, because the staff puts in moolah out of pocket to keep things running.

When you visit The Sword Review and Dragons, Knights & Angels and Ray Gun Revival and Haruah, you get to read what took a lot of hard work, and you get to do so at no charge. Writers and poets take much, much, much less than pro rates, even semi-pro rates. Editors get paid bupkis for hours of work a week. The publisher also goes through the hassles of paperwork--contracts, legal papers, etc--and the hassles of dealing with server and tech issues, all so we can offer you something we believe is valuable, all to help nurture and support and showcase speculative fiction that doesn't insult or sneer at a Christian worldview, or even in the case of DKA stories, fiction and poetry that actually is created with a clear Christian perspective. (TSR and RGR don't require Christian content. DKA is "a magazine of Christian fantasy and science fiction," and as such is accepting of an overt religious tone, though we prefer preachiness be avoided. It's a subjective call, I know.)

All this to say that if you haven't visited and sampled the goods at The Sword Review; Dragons, Knights & Angels; and Ray Gun Revival (the DEP publications that do SF), please come by.

And if you have a mind to support the work we do, buy the print editions and give a little more pocket change to the writers.

Oh, and we always accept donations. Donation links/buttons are readily found at all the magazines.

We had to cut back this year at TSR and DKA on the quantity of fiction we offer in order to fit the reduced budget. Right now, we're in fundraising mode for the 2008 budget. We hope we don't have to cut back some more, but the reality is that without sufficient funding for the budget, the only option is to acquire less, offer less.

DKA almost went under once. I'd hate to see that happen again.

You wanna support Christian-friendly SF? Well, now you know one more way you can. The creative minds nurtured and encouraged by our tiny niche of the internet may be the SF writer who rocks your world years from now. Shape the future of CSF. Get on board.

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