Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cool Robot-y Art by Mark Ho

Dutch artist Mark Ho's bronze and steel forms appeal to me. It's the part of me that still likes to read a retro story with rockets and robots, I suppose. Look at that one to the left. Is that not cool?

(Click HERE to see the pic larger and get more detail of the piece.)

Mark Ho:
“I finished my study and doubted my future as a director or scriptwriter. I learned that I like to work alone and to have total control. In the film industry you are dependent on crew, budget, producers etc. I decided to learn everything about metalwork. When I work with metal creating something from a to z, making even the tools myself, it is the ultimate work for me. It is a beautiful mix of precision, patience, skill and designing, and also that feeling to give shape to a material like metal.”

Go here to see more examples and see pics of the artist at work. If you have a spare 40K bucks, you might want to acquire one.

hat tip to With Boots

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