Saturday, February 17, 2007

Contests for SF and Christian Writers

If you've been into SF for a while, you know who Jim Baen was. You might even subscribe to Jim Baen's Universe (I do) or have books on your shelves with Baen Books imprinted on them (I have).

Well, over at Jim Baen's Universe, they've announced the James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest.

No entry fee. Submit electronically. One story per person. Go HERE for details. Or go here. Same info both sites.

What does the top story get?
The GRAND PRIZE winner will be published in a future issue of Jim Baen's Universe* and paid at the normal paying rates for professional story submittals. The author will also receive free entry into the 2007 International Space Development Conference, an autographed copy of The Best of Jim Baen's Universe, a totebag and coffee mug.

Unless they've changed their pay rates since I last perused them in summer of 2006, the rates are very nice. And it's good exposure for a fledgling or unknown author.

Note that it looks as if they want hard SF, stuff that promotes exploration and colonization and scienced and technology. No Star Warsian stuff, no dystopias, and nothing that's anti-space exploration. I don't write science and tech-heavy stuff, so this isn't for me, but you might be inspired by the guidelines. Check them out.

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Tuesday, February 20th, we'll announce the particulars of and open submissions for the second DKA ANNUAL FICTION CONTEST. I can't reveal the theme until then, but the prizes are better than last year, and this year's winners will be see their stories in print as well as online.

Visit Dragons, Knights & Angels next Tuesday for details.

Yours truly will be on the judging panel. And I'm tough! Brush up on your syntax and commas, and kill those cliches.

Entry will be electronic. Deadline will be in April.

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has already opened for submissions. If you write Christian SF (or at least SF that is touched by Christian-friendly perspective), this is a very good contest. I won the SF category last year, and the feedback was EXCELLENT. This year, it's even better for the SF peops, because the final judges are TWO, count 'em TWO editors from CBA publishers Zondervan and NavPress. If you want to get that CSF work of yours in front of editors who might be wowed by your imaginative creations, then GO READ THE DETAILS on the Genesis Contest right now.

I have nothing to enter this year, but, hey, I might be hit by a bolt of inspiration this month or next.

Deadline: April 15th. Entry is electronic. There is an entry fee.

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Relief Journal's Daily Sacrament Contest is still open for subs. Here's how they introduce the particulars:

Andre Dubus writes of cooking an omelet and it becomes a holy moment. Marilynne Robinson takes the acts of baptism and communion out of their churchly garb and gives them new resonance and depth. Inspired by examples like these, the "Daily Sacrament" short story contest will challenge you to explore the everyday in light of the eternal--or the sacred in the surroundings of the commonplace.

Reading Period: January 1 - March 15, 2007
Prize: Winner will receive $250 and publication in Relief Journal.
Runners-up: Published on the faith*in*fiction blog.
Word Limit: 10,000

Coach's Midnight Diner
has a sorta contest going on where subs that fall into specific categories will be up for a cash prize:

Jesus Vs. Cthulhu: This one's wide open. There are so many ways to approach this prompt. Open up the creativity box and let's see what you've got.

That One That Happens In A Diner: The story has to happen in a diner. Blinding flash of the obvious, right? All before-mentioned categories are eligible.

...and one category that will be decided based upon the work received.(Think Editor's Choice with a fun name.)

The three category winners will receive $100.

hat tip to Crazy Chris, though I added to his links.
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