Monday, February 19, 2007

Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour: J. Gerke's WHERE THE MAP ENDS

This month's focus for the CSFF Blog Tour is Jeff Gerke and his Christian SF site, Read this entire post. There's something valuable ahead.

Before I introduce you to the site, let me orient you to what Mirathon will feature today and the coming two days. Some items may be of keen interest to you.

Tomorrow, I'll post an interview with Jeff Gerke published author and former editor at Multnomah, Strang/Realms, and NavPress, and current freelancing editor. I'll also have a surprise element, because tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY! (I'm getting so old it's not funny. Cheer me up!)

Wednesday, I'll highlight things I especially like at Where the Map Ends.

TODAY: An overview of Where the Map Ends and the announcement of a very special giveaway with prizes kindly donated by Jeff Gerke. Read on to find out what these prizes are. If you write Christian fiction, you really wanna stay tuned.


Where the Map Ends opened its portals last year to the collective cheer of CSF folks on The Mir's blogging circuit.(I cheered.) We've accrued authors and unpubbed writers and readers and artists in the last year to form a broadening community of CSF supporters and enthusiasts. This, however, was a known editor creating a place that would cover CSF comprehensively--interviews, writing tips, bibliography, links to sites of CSF interest, etc.


Not all areas of the site are activated. The forums is a "maybe" sort of place right now. If Jeff sees a need for it, it will be activated.

Since I'm a writer, I want to focus on the TOOLS FOR WRITERS section. Jeff has arranged this is five subsection:

~Books and Conferences for Improving Your Writing
~Getting Your Novel Published
~Tip of the Week
~Idea Starters and World Builders
~Editorial Services


Jeff has donated prizes for a Mirathon/CSFF Blog Tour giveaway as follows:

3rd Prize: "CharPick" minor character creation software program (Windows only) ($12)
2nd Prize: "Character Creation for the Plot-First Novelist" (Windows only) ($28)


1st Prize: A five-page crit from Jeff ($38.00 value)

Remember that Jeff has worked for years as a professional editor at established publishing houses in the CBA. He's also a published author. His feedback will surely be valuable and keen and, yeah, we need it, don't we?

In case you need a reference, here's one:

I worked with Jeff on my first published novel The Personifid Project. He helped me to increase the manuscript from what was essentially an over-long novella to a full length novel, in part by throwing ideas at me that helped my creativity. He was great at pointing out the weaknesses in my writing (while also giving plenty of encouragement for the good stuff!) with straightforward communication that enabled me to better myself as a writer. Jeff’s sense of humor and professionalism made him a pleasure to work with.

—R. E. Bartlett, Christian Speculative Novelist


All you have to do is comment under this post or tomorrow's blog tour post or Wednesday's blog tour post with your name--first name and surname initial (in case there are two with the first name) is fine. If you have a website, post that, too. I might wanna visit you. But really, just a comment that says, "Enter me in the Gerke giveaway" with your name.

You'll have to stay tuned here to find out who wins, because I will not be emailing the winners. The winners will need to EMAIL ME, as soon as you see I've posted YOUR name as winner.

I will post the names of the three winners on this blog by Friday and that post will include my email information.

Tomorrow, I will have another giveaway--my birthday giveaway--and you'll need to post under tomorrow's post to specifically enter that one. Just say, "enter me in Birthday Giveaway" and that will do. (Specify birthday, cause if it just says "giveaway," I'll assume it's for the Jeff Gerke prizes.)

The mystery birthday prize will be announced TOMORROW.

BONUS ENTRIES: You will received one entry chance per day for the Jeff Gerke donated prizes. So, if you post all three days with "enter me in the giveaway," then you get three entries for that drawing. Post an entry request one day, one entry. Post two days, two entries.

And I'll just put names in a sack and let my gorgeous husband stick his hand in and pick the winners.

Get with the commenting!

Oh, and visit my tourmates:

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Here is a running list of the entries as I get them for THIS day. I will update the list throughout the day, so don't despair if you don't see yours here right away:

Josh V
Chris D
Kari C
Rachel M (Pixy)
John O of Least Read Blog
Daniel W
Rebecca M.
Alice (?)
James D
Sherie H
Jason J
Cheryl R.
Michelle P.
Nate K.
Katie H.



Josh said...

Josh V.

Please to enter the Gerke Giveaway.

chrisd said...

Hey there.

Enter me in the Gerke Giveaway.

I really liked his writing tools as well. I think I'm going to ask for that world building software for Christmas. You may not have trouble with that but I sure do.

I'll come by tomorrow--taking the kids to the mall now. :|

Mirtika said...

I have trouble just like everyone else. Building worlds is exhausting, no question. :) But it's also fun.

Josh V
Chris D



pixydust said...

Me too, me too! Gerke giveaway!

Rachel Marks<---see that's me.

Looking forward to the interview, Mir! :) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE MIR!

Personally, I never thought a day was enough. I say, take the whole week.

kc said...

Ooh, a giveaway! Enter me! Mir, you do such a fabulous job with your posts. Puts my site to shame. Anyway, I enjoyed it and I hope I win. :)

John said...

Hey Mir!

Count me in on the giveaway too!

I can attest that a Gerke-review is fantastic. He took a look at my ACFW book proposal and I really appreciated all his comments.

Daniel I Weaver said...

Hmmm... I guess it would be sort of foolish to not say ENTER ME IN THE GERKE GIVEAWAY!

I enjoyed your post, Mir. There is so much information out there on Jeff's site that I can't wait to see how you focus your posts tomorrow and the day after.

Here's an early Birthday wish, but I'll stop by again for more.

God bless,
Daniel I Weaver

Becky said...

Whoo-hoo! Great post, Mir. Yours are always filled with good things.

And yes! Please enter me in the contest:
Rebecca LuElla Miller

Also, please add Wayne Thomas Batson to the list of participants. Thanks.


Alice said...

Enter me in the giveaway, Mir!

Mirtika said...

Is that Alice Loweecy? Or another Alice? :)


James Drury said...

Ah! Please enter me in the contest.

I've has some conversations with Jeff and by far the most important tool for writers is the Extend-O-Matic!

Jefferson Scott said...

Thanks for the great promotion for the site, Mir. Just wonderful.

And I may be the only person leaving a comment who DOESN'T want to be entered in the contest. Waa. Oh, wait...

Anyway, thanks so much. And thanks to everyone else who has said such kind words about the site.

The blogtour members will know this next bit but your loyal readers may not. On March 1 I'm launching a collaborative fiction project at You and your readers are hereby invited to come join the fun.

Whether you like SF or fantasy or just about anything else, you'll find a place to contribute to our collaborative effort, I'm sure!


WayneThomasBatson said...

Phenomenal, cool prizes! Thanks, Jeff for being so generous!

Mirtika said...

Holy Typos, Batman.

Why didn't anyone tell me that my text read as if a drunken lemur had scrambled across my keyboard.


I think I fixed most of the booboos. Sorry.


S. P. Hibbs said...


Please enter me in the Gerke giveaway!

I really like his web site design!

Jason said...

Mir, you rock deary. And just in case I miss out on tomorrow, happy birthday!!! Keep up the ministry of encouragement and exhoratation!

Oh, and please enter me (Jason J.) in the Gerke contest. Pretty please?

Cheryl said...

Great post Mir and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have planned. :-)

Please enter me in the Gerke contest.
Thanks much!

Cheryl-Unseen Worlds

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Enter me in the Gerke Giveaway! LOL

Michelle Pendergrass at Just A Minute>

Nate said...

Enter me in the Gerke giveaway!

Sharon Hinck said...

Happy birthday, Mir!
I'm looking forward to your interview.
I've got my interview wih Jeff posted on my site today. Drop by if you have time!

Katie Hart said...

Nice intro, Mir! I'd like to enter.

Mark Goodyear said...

Enter me too!

Mark Goodyear