Thursday, February 22, 2007

Call for Prayer: Stephen Lawhead

I don't know if you've heard out there--I only found out cause I was alerted to it a couple days ago on the Christian Fandom listserv--but Stephen Lawhead, multi-published author of Christian fantasy, is very ill.

He has cancer. He is not doing well. His family is heartsick.

Please remember Stephen in your prayers. Let's believe for a miracle. The God who hears is still Yahweh Rapha: The LORD who heals.

I plead with my fellow bloggers to post and pass the word, so that we may have many prayer warriors battling for Stephen's good.


Katie Hart said...

Wow. I'll be praying.

Tegid said...

Thank you for requesting prayer, and thank you for praying! Below (unconfirmed and via a third party) is what I'm told that Stephen Lawhead's wife, Alice, reported on Feb 17.


Dear Friends and Family:

Steve is finished with his course of chemotherapy and radiation. The chemo was stopped a week early, as the doctors reckoned it had done its work, which was to make the radiation more effective. (In other words, he was plenty sick.) The full 30 radiation treatments were given, the last one on 23 January.

So, he is on the road to recovery, with the occasional detour along the way.

It's difficult to represent this situation well, not overstating the difficulties or glossing over them. We remain hopeful and determined; each day brings unexpected blessings, and in many ways life is unbearably sweet. However, Steve is still struggling with the physical impact of the cancer, the aggressive treatment, and the emotional impact of it all. Some days are better than others.

Aware that many of you have gone down this road yourselves, or with loved ones, we thank you for your messages of concern and support, and most of all your prayers - the thing we need, and value, most.


Tegid said...
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chrisd said...

I was thinking about him this morning-thanks for the update!

That and I'm sorry I didn't win the contest.


John Otte's a good writer from Lost Genre and Ray Gun (isn't it). Good for him!

And Congratulations to "otter"