Thursday, February 22, 2007

Birthday Giveaway Closes 2/24 Midnight

Just a heads-up for anyone who wants to get their entry in. When my birthday week ends, I take no more entries. So, I need to get it by 11:59 pm Eastern time Saturday.

What the winner gets:

1. I'll crit two of your double-spaced pages (You must cut/paste them into the body of the email, not as an attachment. Mir has virusphobia.) You may let it be single spaced in the email, that's fine. Just make sure the form remains, ie, the paragraphs, scene changes. Mark those with extra spaces or scene changes with an * or a ~ or #. Anything you want.

Note: This is not strictly limited to SF. I also read, enjoy, and have judged/critted romance and suspense and Chick Lit.

2. I'll try to zero in on what your weakness is as evident in those two pages from which an editor or contest judge would get their first impression. Using that as a guide, I'll choose a book from that addresses what needs strengthening and send that to you. (I will check with you to make sure it's not one your already have.)

How to Enter:

If you wish to enter, EMAIL ME. (I won't take entries from the comments.) Send your two pages within the body of the email to Mirathon at AOL dotsy com. Include your name and address somewhere, so I know where to send the book if you win.

I will only open the email of the winning name. I won't share your info with anyone else.

And I'm so ridiculously happy this week, I may even choose more than one winner.

Can you see me looking like a crazy-grinning woman from all the way over there?

Okay, I'm done babbling. Email me.


Selena said...

Shouldn't this post title say 2/24 instead of 12/24?


Mirtika said...

Oopsie. I made a booboo.

Good thing I got you to proof. :D


Selena said...

I'm always looking out for you Mir.