Monday, February 05, 2007

Becky Miller asks: What Do You Like About SF?

Over at today's Speculative Faith entry (a very brief one), Rebecca Luella Miller posts this:

What is it you like about speculative fiction?

I think if we can understand what brings people to the genre, it might help us pitch novels to acquisitions editors.

The following is part of my answer:

I can get emotions from romance and suspense and thrillers. I can get a mental kick from mysteries. I can get a laugh from romantic comedies, Chick Lit and funny SF. But the burst of special pleaure that takes me out of the here and now into the never and nowhen is very close to what I experience when I get a dose of Biblical illumination.

I think it's because when you read about something that probes beyond the material, you understand at some level that this is a dazzling truth. The mundane and physical is not all there is.

That's why the neglect of SF among Christian readers is a scandal. No other genre is as truthful or can be as truthful. We aren't just people going to church, having romances, bearing children,and growing old. We're astounding, eternal beings in the midst of cosmic battles and untold mysteries and secret things. We are a religion of seers and wonderworkers.

SF lets wonders come to life, taps into the deeper layers of life.

Yeah. Neglect of this genre by people who are made for wonder is scandalous.

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Nissa Annakindt said...

Spec fiction puts your life in perspective. Yeah, my pipes are frozen, but at least Lord Voldemort isn't trying to kill me. At least the Borg aren't trying to assimilate me. At least there are no Ringwraiths lurking in my barnyard. At least an alien Race hasn't come along to conquer Earth right when I'm in the middle of World War 2 and made me make nice-nice with Hitler (as in Turtledove's Worldwar series).

See, things could be worse. Lots worse. Gimme more Spec fiction!!!