Sunday, February 04, 2007

Andrew Klavan Interviewed at WORLD

Thanks to Mick at YOUR WRITER'S GROUP blog for the link to the interview of author Andrew Klavan in the latest issue of WORLD MAGAZINE.

I subscribed just to read it. And I'm not sorry.

I've never read a novel by Mr. Klavan, though I did see DON'T SAY A WORD, which I kinda enjoyed despite Michael Douglas cause, hey, intriguing premise and yummy Sean Bean! That situation will change. I plan to get a couple of the novels mentioned in the interview.

If you're willing to shell out for one of the subscription offers, you'll have access to the interview. Otherwise, maybe Google's cache will have it in future.

Here's an excerpt of the Q & A:

WORLD: As you moved toward Christianity it seems that you were developing characters—Lonnie Blake and Howard Roth in Hunting Down Amanda (1999) and Peter Blue in Man and Wife (2001)—who sacrifice themselves to save others. Did your creation of Christ figures help you to embrace Christ—and how did your movement toward Christianity affect the nature of your heroes?

KLAVAN: The simple answer to the first question is: yeah, absolutely. I only had to read my own stories to see my view of life was increasingly a Christian one. But here's the funny part. Becoming a Christian actually made me less likely to use Christian symbolism and structures in my work because now I see Christ's presence underlying all of life—I don't have to place Him there artistically. Baptism made me more of a realist, more willing to let each character go his own way and tell his own story as he would. I'm a novelist, remember, not a preacher. I trust reality to express Christ's presence, because I think that's what it actually does.

I also liked this quote from later on in the interview:

...You know, I suspect everyone who sets sail on the sea of faith is a little bit like Christopher Columbus. There are all these people on shore saying, "Are you crazy? You're going to fall off the edge of reality!" And instead, you discover a new world.

Mr. Klavan has a website and a blog. Drop by.

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