Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Writer-Poet's Snapshot of 2006

Wanna see what a pro's stats look like?

Well, Samantha Henderson (one of my fave speculative poets, and a very talented short story writer) has posted hers for 2006:

Short story rejections: 62
Short story acceptances: 15

Poetry rejections: 40
Poetry acceptances: 12

Take a look at that! That's a lot of submissions. That's a lot of rejections, which stuns me, cause she's so darn good*. In fact, I just read her poem in Dwarf Stars' 2006 Anthology today**. Terrific!

But pros keep on going, like energized bunnies.

*You can read a few online, even:
"Five Ways Jane Austen Never Died" (included in Rich Horton's anthology of the Best Of 2006, see my sidebar)
"Dead Letter"
"Honey Mouth"
"Starry Night"

** "Two Tanka for Post-Apocalyptic Librarian" (Originally in Aoife's Kiss)

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SolShine7 said...

Thanks Mir, that was so encouraging. It professionals get that much rejection then I know I better buck up and put my stuff out there because I know it's good and I can get better the more I write and submit.