Friday, January 05, 2007

Whoo! Mike Resnick Rips Hollywood Sci-Fi

Hat tip to John C. Wright for this delightful bit of a rant (and a smart one) by author Mike Resnick. You will enjoy it.

Here's a taste:

Then along came E.T., which, for a few years at least, was the highest-grossing film of all time, until replaced by an even dumber one.

You think it wasn't that intellectually insulting? Let's consider the plot of that billion-dollar grosser, shall we?

1. If E.T. can fly/teleport, why doesn't he do so at the beginning of the film, when he's about to be left behind? (Answer: because this is what James Blish used to call an idiot plot, which is to say if everyone doesn't act like an idiot you've got no story.)

2. What mother of teenaged children walks through a kitchen littered with empty beer cans and doesn't notice them? (Answer: in all the world, probably only this one.) This is the blunder that started me muttering loud enough to disturb other moviegoers for the first time.

3. While we're on the subject of the mother and the kitchen, what is a woman with an unexceptional day job doing living in an $900,000 house in one of the posher parts of the Los Angeles area? (Even I don't have an answer to that.)

4. Why does E.T. die? (Answer: so he can come back to life.)

5. Why does E.T. un-die? (Still awaiting an answer, even a silly one, for this.)

6. When E.T. finally calls home, the lights in the room don't even flicker. I'm no scientist, but I'd have figured the power required would have shorted out the whole city.

I will add that I'm not Mike. I can enjoy stupid sci-fi. Really, I can.

And I agree with him about the part in FORBIDDEN PLANET where we get the tour. I remember being awed by that in my youth. I remember still digging it mightily last year.

So, go on. Head over to "Why Carol Won't Sit Next to Me at Science Fiction Movies"

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Josh said...

Geez. It's amazing what you see as a child and accept wholeheartedly...only to actually give it some critical thinking later on and realize how it was holier than a cheesecloth at a Billy Graham revival.