Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Waiting for Appa" is off to the Publisher
And A Way To Support CSF on the Web

I was given some time to fix typos and revise the last section of "Waiting for Appa." Bill Snodgrass totally rocks!

I didn't change much--sorry, Chris. But I did want to balance the structure a bit more by adding dialogue to the previously narration only denouement. The information is the same, but now it comes in both narrative and dialogue, which I think puts the reader THERE, in the spot. It feels more personal (ie to the first person character).

I also fixed a logic error I noticed (nothing big, just something only my "anal when it comes to my own work" mindset couldn't live with. I only had to change one phrase.)

The story should be up at THE SWORD REVIEW in late February (and will appear in print copy as well.) I hope you enjoy it. I hope you support TSR by donating to them. I hope you support CSF by purchasing a copy--or various copies--of TSR in print.

And there's only one day left to vote in the Pred Poll. If you care to make me smile, vote for my story, my poem (one of them), and for TSR or DKA for ezine. And if you want to make me smile even bigger, vote for either Bill Snodgrass or Selena Thomason for ezine editors. Trust me, these two work very hard, selflessly give of their money and time, so that they can nurture, encourage, support, and publish speculative works (fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and artwork) by Christians who love our genre.

Support Christian Speculative Fiction!


Selena said...

Huh? I'm nominated now?

Very cool.

Thanks for the kind words and for all YOU do for DKA.

Mike Duran said...

I voted for Bill. Love the work you folks are doing over there. Lord bless you Mir...

Mirtika said...

Thanks S and Mikey :)