Friday, January 26, 2007

A Two-Dollar Good Deed For Your Day

Some friends of Shannon have had a life-in-upheaval sort of mishap: a house fire. It doesn't take a great imagination to figure how badly that can mess with a family. Add an insurance company that has mastered the art of saying NO, and things can get pretty bleak.

So, for two dollars, you can do a good deed for a family today. (Of course, two dollars is what they ask for, but if you can do better, I leave that to your inner voice.)

Here's a link to the blog where you'll find a link to Paypal and a snail mail address for those who'd rather send the aid by mail.

I happen to be very suspicious of claims for help--even though over the years I've given quite a bit of cash to folks I never met via online pleas. Normally, I need to have someone I have a bit of trust in to say it's legit. Shannon's word is good enough for me.

This in contrast to the dude who came knocking at around 9 pm last night with a sob story about a prescription for his sick kid and being short $13 bucks for the pharmacy. He had his spiel down, too. I said, "Okay, I'll give you the money when you come back and show me the prescription. I'll check the web that it's a legit ear infection med."

On the off chance he wasn't feeding me a line, I got thirteen bucks out of my wallet. I went outside to enjoy the cold fronty chilliness, and there he was, giving his spiel to my neighbor. I went to the fence, said, "Hi, Nefertiri," and explained to her that I'd asked him for a 'scrip'. My neighbor works with a pediatrician. She said, yeah, bring the Rx and I can get you a sample for free, probably. The guy, fleet on his spielish feet, started a thing about how he'd knocked on doors for three blocks and his wife wasn't home, blah, blah.

Yeah. This is where I knew it was time to put my 13 bucks back in my wallet.

He never did come back with a 'scrip'.

Just for contrast.

Go ye and give.

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