Friday, January 19, 2007

Style and Voice, Part 3 Up At Spec Faith

Drop by Speculative Faith to read my third, still sorta-rambly adventure titled "On the Matter of Voice & Style: Dashes and Rhythm, Semi-colons and Syllables, and the Parody Test "

Here's a nosh:

Voice, the rolling thunder or whispering precision of a story's procession of words, the property that marks a writer as baroque or vanilla or thudding or lyrical.

—Steve Carper

Have you ever corresponded with someone whose style and voice and handwriting were so familiar that if you read one line of one unattributed letter, you’d know this person had written it?

Did you go t hrough that phase in junior high school when we girls had to have a signature “dot” for letters, an affectation that drove some teachers to distraction? A heart shape. A star. A smiley. A butterfly. I had a daisy.

When you began writing, did you notice you had certain characteristics that set you apart from stuff you read in critique groups or workships? I realized that I really liked using dashes and parentheses and I like melancholic tones. Then I checked my journal. Oh, yeah. I really, really like using dashes and parentheses. And melancholic tones. And happy endings.

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