Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shameless Appeal For Votes for "Voices"
& "Heart" in the Preds & Eds Annual Poll

My short Christian SF story, "Voices from the Void", was published in Jan of 2006 over at THE SWORD REVIEW.

If you liked it, you can vote for it in the PREDITORS & EDITORS POLL:

Here's the url for the short stories:

Just scroll down until you get to mine. The particulars, as listed at the poll, are:

Title: "Voices from the Void"
By: Mirta Ana Schultz
Publisher: The Sword Review

If you haven't read it, I hope you will.

And if you like it (a lot, loads, enough), I hope you'll vote for it. I wouldn't even ask if I didn't think it was a pretty good read of CSF.

I also have my contest-winning poem "Into the Heart" up for a vote in the poetry section. See it--and vote for it--here:

And if you've enjoyed the offerings at THE SWORD REVIEW and/or DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS, you have a chance to vote for favorite fiction e-zine here: Both are now on the list of candidates.

Thanky for letting me self-plug!


Anonymous said...

Done! Waiting for email to confirm. Not that I've read everything else. But I did (try to) read last year's winner. and yours was better.

I kinda figured these things were mostly popularity contests, including hugo and nebula.

But yours was a great story.

What will you win if you win?

Mirtika said...

Well, the odds of my winning are, well, hilariously small. But whoever wins does get some cash, some prizes, some kind of plaque thing. :)


carmen said...

mir, i finally found time to read your story this morning (i wanted to read it all the way through in one sitting without my little urchins interrupting me, heh). nothing beats a good read and a good cup of coffee -- and you provided the good read. i really liked your story. it left me wistful and ruminating, which is how i like to be left after reading a slice of another time and place. many blessings to you in your writing. you have a great voice, one which i will look forward to reading again.