Saturday, January 20, 2007

Quoth the Writer:
Michael DiMarco & CBA YA Fiction

This has its parallels in publishing in the Young Adult category as well. Often times Christian authors and publishers are so concerned with answering teens questions with such completeness and precision on the ‘right’ answer or where to surgically draw the line, the content, while true, has the impact and penetration of a marshmallow thrown against a brick wall. It comes off as less than real to a teen and, without connecting with their daily reality, the advice seems a tad removed from true. And at worst it’s viewed as parental propaganda. That’s why in the world of ’secular’ publishing, Young Adult fiction is so huge and in the CBA, Christian fiction sells less than YA non-fiction, because ABA fiction sounds like their world around them while sugary sweet, no-question-left-unanswered Christian fiction and non-fiction sounds, well, ficticious.

--from "Fixing MySpace Will Break it (And How Breaking Christian YA Fiction Will Fix It)"

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