Saturday, January 20, 2007

Quoth Another Writer: Camy Tang on YA Fic

The world today is not the one we grew up in. Fewer people are going to church, especially as they move toward their teens and twenties, because they don't see the usefulness or the need for it. Fiction also has to move with that age group, to relate to them and not to my generation. The kinds of methods and language, genres and issues in Christian fiction that continue to work with my generation do not work with teens. We writers need to be keenly aware of that and be like Madonna--reinventing our fiction so that it moves with the times.

--taken from "Interview with Camy"


Chris said...

That quote is right on.

Joey Comeau wrote the above story. He's a young guy from Halifax. He's sharp, lucid, deep and witty. And poised for some serious success imo. Thought of him and this story when I read the quote. Strong spiritual theme but transcends any particular religion or dogma. Makes me feel like a hack.

You will LOVE that story Mir. I almost guarentee it.


SolShine7 said...

Be like Madonna? Does that mean we're supposed to reach out and touch the younger generation by planting a big fat one on them a la Britney Spears? I'll pass on that. Amy Tang is cool, and I get what she's saying (which I agree with) but this is just my attempt of being snarky. How did I do?

Camy Tang said...

Thanks for quoting me, Mir.

Solshine, the comment about Madonna was the fact that she's still trendy and popular as an artist no matter what age she is, not a reference to her wild antics. If we as writers can't understand the current culture, we'll have failed to reach the next generation and will be just preaching to the choir of our own generation.


Anonymous said...

Right on Camy,

But I still kind of think that unless one keeps an honest and open mind, one's preachings will be of little interest to anyone. Just tell it like you see it.

Hey solshine,

Nice try, I'm flattered, but maybe leave that snarky shit to the pros. Okay, hacks. Just be your nice self.