Thursday, January 11, 2007

PredPoll & Voices

For some weird reason, my story "Voices from the Void" is listed twice in the SF Short category. If you go vote for me, choose the option that has a url with it (ie the url for the publication isn't blank.) That means that right now, you'd choose the first listing of "Voices."
Don't know why that glitch happened, but, well...


Selena said...

I'm pretty sure they will combine the two sets of votes. I think I read on their site somewhere that they do some cleanup and validation on the votes before coming up with final standings.

Congrats on your nominations!

I notice you are listed twice under poems too, but for two different poems.

That's really something! :)

Mirtika said...

What? Really? I hadn't noticed.

::::off to see::::::