Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Parody Time: Star Wars III by Geeks On

Listen here. Prepare to bark with laughter.

I'm particularly fond of: "You mean the thing that powers the shield is OUTSIDE the ship?"

And: "RU, freak out obnixiously!" followed by a series of frantic bleeps and bloops.

And: "Meanwhile, the exteriror of Kashuk: Yoda leads an army of Wookies to fight against droids. The scene is utterly superfluous and present solely to have a scene containing Wookies..."

And: The "loud and annoying" iguana sounds. :::snarf!:::

More funnies:

General Grievous to Obi Wan, who has challenged the general to battle witout waiting for support troops to arrive: "Are you serious? You've lost literally every single dual you've been a part of, except for the one with Darth Maul. Hayden constantly mentions how many times he has saved you. What have you done in the entire prequel trilogy so far to prove that you are actually a decent fighter?"

Padme to Anakin: "How pathetic is it that the most well-acted scene between us is the one in which we are in separate buildings and have no lines?"

Anakin: "Wow, you really can absorb force lightning with a light saber. Someone really, really needs to tell Luke that."

Anakin: "You've brought Ewan, didn't you, to actually act well, and make me look wooden and awful?"
Padme: "Of course not. I'm even worse than you in this movie. Why would I bring someone capable of acting well here?" :::he chokes her::::

Narrator: "They duel. Then they duel some more. Afterwords, they do some more dueling. Then there's another duel. Another dueling. And finally: a duel."

Obi Wan: "If you jump over to me, I will cut your sh*t off."
Anakin to Obi Wan: "You underestimate my power to decide not to jump to the low ground in front of you where I will be able to safely continue dueling, but to instead try to jump all the way over you and get my sh*t cut off"
Narrator: "He jumps and gets his sh*t cut right off."

Jimmy/Senator Bail: "If you know about Leia, how come you refer to Luke as your last hope in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK?"
Ewan/Obi Wan: "I know about Leia, but Alec Guinness does not."

Darth Hayden: "Where is Natalie Portman? Suddenly I am worried about her again."
Emperor: "It seems that in your overacting, you've killed her."
Darth: "Huh. You'd think that would really make me see the error of the dark side, realize the Jedi were right all along, and kill you right now. Huh."

Warning to the Sensitive: Some foul language.

Hat tip to Planet Fandom.

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